Healthcare Breakdown - The Finance Course!

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It's hard to get started in business. It's extra hard to get started in healthcare business.

It's double secret extra hard to get started in healthcare business as a clinician.

One of the biggest barriers?


Cue shrieks, screams, moans of terror and dread.

Well, I am here to tell you that it doesn't have to be as hard or as scary as you think.

In fact, it can be fun, interesting, engaging, and hilarious.

Plus, knowing the numbers helps you see around corners. It helps you avoid catastrophe. It sets you apart in your company, in your future company, and in your personal life.

So, if you want to open a new world of opportunity this course is for you.

We will be breaking down healthcare finance in an easy to understand, practical, healthcare contextual way.

We will look at real companies. Go through real financials. Learn what's really going on in healthcare businesses.

Most importantly, you will come away from this course with a strong understanding of the finance of healthcare and how you can apply what you have learned tomorrow.

Here is what you can expect:

  • 2+ hours of Video on demand
  • Pro Forma templates
  • Financial analysis templates
  • Continuously updated material
  • Deep dives into the finance world of healthcare

Some of what we will cover:

  • Why finance matters in business
  • How to read an income statement like a pro
  • How to read a balance sheet, also like a pro
  • How to read a cash flow statement, like a pro (you get it, you're gonna be a pro)
  • Key ratios you should keep in mind
  • What finance can tell you about operations
  • How to spot trends in the numbers
  • How to find information that you don’t know
  • How to find financial statements of organizations
  • Building income and cash flow pro formas
  • Startup finance and how to impress investors
  • And more!

Time to pull up a seat at the table or build your own. Time to take back the business of healthcare.

See you out there!

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Healthcare Breakdown - The Finance Course!

1 rating
I want this!